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Are you excited about your new home? There are, of course, so many things to make you exhilarated. You can ask for a customized floor plan, colour schemes, decor your fixtures and lots more. However, the facade is the most important thing in a new home. It creates the first impression among friends, neighbours, relatives and other guests on their arrival. Also, you will great each time you come back home.

To make people’s facade choosing experience effortless and enjoyable, companies are offering beautiful facades for Australian residents. The facades come with different features, styles and cladding materials. There are numerous things to consider while deciding on a facade, for example – material, colour scheme, style, landscaping and exterior lighting. None of the points is to ignore. Each one plays a noteworthy part to enhance the beauty of the facades. It ensures a natural ‘flow’ is moving among indoor and outdoor spaces.

You will have plenty of modern designs when it comes to choose a  home facade  in Australian or even to emerge style and design. Each option is customized expertly to suit today’s lifestyle.

What are those trending facade designs? How are they different from each other?     

  • Modern

Modern Australian facades indicate minimal ornamentation, confident shapes and clean lines of trend features. These are rooted in the efforts of Frank Lloyd Wright, Alvar Aalto, Mies Van Der Rohe and institutions such as Bauhaus.

Both single and double-storey modern facades feature large glass panels on doors and windows. And the fine lines are made either with concrete or metal elements. If you are looking for a double-storey home, it may add minimalist feeling with a beautiful glass balcony. The most creative part of such a modern house in Australia is the shape – it can be rectangular or any other geometric shape. It is stylish too. Besides, stone, brick or natural coloured wood may be used in the designs.

  • Hamptons

Hampton looks bring a sense of relaxation, coastal colour palettes and warm beach lifestyle – it is the interpretation of Modern Australians. The weatherboard look is a key feature of this kind of facade, and Australian people love this style too.  According to an Award-winning architect,

“for the exterior of a Hamptons-style property, the deep shadow lines of weatherboard look cladding, like Linea Weatherboard take centre stage.”

For Australia’s harsh climate, the cladding exists over timber and requires comparatively low maintenance. It can prevent flaking, swelling warping, fire, even moisture and termites, as said by the renowned designer.

This design is available in both single and double-storey houses with or without balcony – the choice is yours. Hamptons facades pair with standard home interiors and offer timeless elegance with flat shadow lines, thick edges of windows, warm colours with a soft grey tone.

  • Coastal

Coastal style facades bring a natural, calming mood by embracing the beauty of nature – coastline, organic textures, ocean-inspired horizontal lines and soothing colour palettes. It also carries a seaside tranquillity style. The theory behind this form of the facade is to smear the lines between exterior and interior space by nature.

So, if you are interested in adding intrigue, modern, cool vibe to your home, Coastal facade is the best pick for you.

  • Provincial

Early European culture and grandeur have inspired this form of facades. Today’s Australian Provincial homes are less impressive from style but more streamlined. Still, this kind of homes with classic lines brings a sense of tradition.

Balanced proportions are a key focal point of this aesthetic appearance – the symmetry cannot go ignored. This style of homes is built-in with timber feature and sturdy brick or stone. This facade is ideal if you want to invest in a double-storey building, and again, it can be with or without a balcony. The windows are with tidy and small panes and a large entry door. The colour scheme of Provincial facade matches its landscape.

Decide on your preferred facade with the consultation of an expert. You can contact us,  Modern Sydney Homes . Hope, we can fulfil your demand with the best facade for your lifestyle.

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